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Please follow the link below to go to our stair designer using wrought iron stair parts:


Wrought Iron Stair Baluster Houston Austin DallasBy using this designer, you can move your selected wrought iron stair baluster and design the stair balustern pattern you like. Not only that, you can see your wrought iron stair baluster in action. If you do not like the way one looks, simply drag it back and try another... The possibilities are endless.

Once you have selected your wrought iron baluster stair pattern, please call us today at 713-360-6976 or e-mail us at to have one of our professional stair installers come out to see you and give you an estimate. Most stair installation estimates are provided same day.

Not sure which one? Try one of these patterns...

Not sure of a wrought iron stair baluster pattern that fits your needs? We have built a catalog of popular wrought iron stair baluster patterns HERE for you to choose from.

Wrought Iron Stair Baluster Pattern Catalog

Wrought Iron Stair Parts

Our skilled stair installers can install any of these wrought iron stair baluster patterns that you choose. And if you are still not sure, that is no problem either. We have a team of interior designers that can consult with you to assist you in choosing the best wrought iron stair baluster pattern to fit your home decor. Our interior designers have over twenty years experience. So please call us today at 713-360-6976 or e-mail us at to have one of our professional stair installers come out to see you and give you an estimate. Most stair installation estimates are provided same day.

Stair Parts Glossary:

Baluster/Spindle - the vertical member, plain or decorative,
that acts as the infill between the handrail and baserail.

- the collective name for the complete assembly
of handrails, baserails, newels, spindles and caps.

Bullnose Step - usually at the bottom of the stairs with one or
both ends of the step having a quarter circle design.

Closed String
- a string with the face housed/trenched to
accommodate treads and risers so their profile cannot be seen.

Continuous Handrail
- using straight lengths of handrail
connected to handrail fittings and ramps, the handrail flows over
the tops of newel turnings creating a continuous run of handrail.

Cut or Open String
- a string with the upper edge cut away
to the shape of the treads and risers so that their profile can be
seen from the side.

- the going of a flight of stairs is the horizontal distance
between the face of the first and last risers. The individual
going of a step is measured from face of riser to face of riser

- accommodates the balusters, handrails and treads/risers.

- the edge of the tread projecting beyond the face of
the riser and the face of a cut string.

- the angle between the pitch line and the horizontal.

Pitch Line
- the notional line connecting the nosings of all
treads in a flight of stairs.

- the pitch of the stairs.

- the rise of a flight is the vertical distance between the
floors or landings connected by the flight. The individual rise is
the vertical measurement from top of tread to top of tread.

- the board that forms the face of the step.

- the entire structure relating to a stair, comprising
steps, treads, risers, strings, balustrading, balusters, landings etc.

- the space/void provided for the stairs.

- the tread and riser combined.

String Margin
- the distance between the top of the string
and the pitch line measured at 90° to the pitch line.

- the top or horizontal surface of a step.

Wall String
- the string of a staircase fixed flush with a wall.

Winders - are radiating steps narrower at one end that are
used to change the direction of a stairs through 90° or 180°.

Remember, we build and remodel stairs, stairways, and staircases, as well as sell wrought iron stair parts in the Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas markets. Call us today at 713-360-6976 or email us at

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